Zhang Zhang

Founder of Zhangomusiq

“Exploration is not only the discovery of the unknown, but also the innovation and transformation of what we already know. As musicians, we have a stage, we have a public, we can also be messengers and initiators of societal issues which benefit the community we live in. Even if our art is often representation of the past, we are part of today’s world and society, we can and should be an active positive force for the future as well. We are not only cultivated conservators and curators of glorious historical arts, we should also be the creative and dynamic leaders of tomorrow.”

Zhang Zhang

Violinist and social entrepreneur, member of the L’Orchestre Philharmonique de Monte Carlo since 2000, Zhang Zhang created ZHANGOMUSIQ in the Principality of Monaco, innovating the traditional musical concert business model by expanding the classic two-way performer to audience formula into a four-way partnership by inviting a sponsor to fund the cost of the concert, and a NGO who receives the benefit from the totality of concert ticket gains. Uniting communities through music by creating concerts where 100% of the concert revenue are given to humanitarian and ecological projects in progress. Since 2007, more than 60 concerts have been created, benefiting NGO’s 33 countries.

Past projects included:

– Creating schools in Afghanistan for girls.
– Providing vaccination and education to migrant children in South East Asia.
– Post natural disaster relief in Sri Lanka, Japan, Philippines, Chile, and Malaysia.
– Creating access to fresh water in Africa.
– Assistance to women and children survivors of conflict. Rescuing animals injured by man made devices.
– Preserving endangered species and biodiversity.
– Helping the poor and elderly to gain more comfort and dignity.
– Scholarship aide for handicapped children in emerging economies, offering the opportunity to gain life skills leading to independence.

Zhang Zhang is an ambassador to the Nicolas Hulot Foundation since 2007, ambassador to the GoodPlanet Foundation of Yann Arthus-Bertrand since 2018, ZHANGOMUSIQ is also an active champion for Environmental issues and projects. Invited by President François Hollande to participate in the Summit of Conscience in Paris in 2015, Zhang Zhang gave a musical performance and a speech, sharing the stage with HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, President Hollande of France, Mr. Kofi Annan, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Mr. Nicolas Hulot and various world and religious leaders in defense of the Planet, leading to the COP 21 Paris Agreements.

July 2016, Zhang Zhang performed the very first live musical concert from Earth to Solar Airplane in Flight, to Bertrand Piccard on board Solar Impulse, one day before the final landing after an successful around the world flight using only Solar Power.
November 2017, ZHANGOMUSIQ was invited to perform at the launching of The World Alliance of Efficient Solutions at the COP 23 UN Climat Conferences in Bonn, Germany.

Zhang Zhang is a TEDx speaker, sharing the innovative concept of ZHANGOMUSIQ through conferences and presentations. A firm believer that Music should not be limited to the concert stage nor only to an habitual public, Zhang also explores with leading thinkers and scientists by creating concert conferences in Universities and research centers. April 17th, 2018, a joint conference was given with Professor Ernest Zücher and Professor Dominique Bourg of the GeoScience Department in the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. June 21st, at the invitation of General Denis Mercier, creating a musical concert at the residence of the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation of NATO on the occasion of Fête de la Musique, celebrating with NATO officers and friends in Norfolk, USA. June 27, 2018, in Ecole de Neuroscience de Paris Ile de France, a conference concert was created with its director Professor Stanislas Dehaene, leading cognitive neuroscientist, professor of College de France, President of the Scientific Council of National Education of France. This concert demonstrated through musical performances innovative discoveries from a neuro-scientific point of view, where the scientist and artist share the stage, exchanging their areas of expertise to celebrate and explore a truly human experience.

March 24th, 2019, during the state visit of President Xi Jin Ping of People’s Republic of China to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco in the Palais Princier of the Principality of Monaco, Zhang Zhang has been invited by Their Serene Highnesses of Monaco Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene to give a solo performance during this historical moment between the two countries.

Since September 2017, with the support of the government of the Principality of Monaco, ZHANGOMUSIQ has embarked on a two year concert tour to raise funding and awareness for concrete projects around the world, demonstrating the immediate positive benefits of musical concerts contributing towards the well being of our society.

Raising funding and awareness for worthy causes while uniting people of different social economical backgrounds, professions, ethnic and cultural origins. Creating occasions where different communities come together sharing a united moment of beauty, generosity, and resilience, through a joint effort to help those in need. ZHANGOMUSIQ endeavors to continue its promotion of harmony through Music, a truly human language transcending geographical, cultural, and political frontiers. What unites us is far more powerful than that which divides us.
More Beauty, More Generosity, More Resilience. More Music.


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