Zhangomusiq Model

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Imagine if each time we went to hear a concert, the price we paid for our ticket will be donated in its entirety to help a child pay for school fees, or an elderly person to receive medical treatment, help plant more trees, save an endangered species, or offr education to girls in places where they have little opportunity.

Musical concerts as entertainment are old concepts, every culture have their own musical language and the musicians who shared it. Artists are compensated for their skill and talent, the audience pays for the opportunity to receive a moment of beauty, of enjoyment, of delight. You get to have a good time, and we get to eat! The fundaments of this business model has remained intact til this day.

What if we attributed a new quality to its DNA, the way trees had be transformed into Stradivari Violins and Sunlight having been harnessed to generate energy for Solar Impulse to fly around the world…what if we explored beyond the existing frontiers of the profession? What if musicians became Social Innovators, and make our business more Social entrepreneurial?

In 2006, Zhangomusiq was born. With the encouragement of the government of the Principality of Monaco, and the support of a few good friends, we experimented with innovating the traditional musical concert business model by expanding the classic two-way per- former to audience formula into a four-way partnership by adding to the equation a sponsor to fund the total cost of the concert, and a NGO to receives the total cash benefi from the concert. The sponsorship pays for the musician’s performance and all necessary logistics of creating the concert. By becoming a partner in this four way alliance, the sponsors gain a very positive public image by participating in not only a cultural event but also a concrete project benefiial to our community. More and more business leaders and industries are engaging in social responsibility projects, funding the creation of a concert dedicated to humanitarian and ecological projects is a good way to contribute to our communities. On the other end, each NGO is given an opportunity to reach out towards a diverse public, communicating their mission to a wider audience directly during the concert, from the stage. The musicians continue to offr their music as they have always done, to a public who continues to enjoy the concert experience, sharing the added satisfaction of knowing their presence have contributed towards a worthy cause. Any musician or ensemble can adopt this system of creating concerts, even student groups or amateur performers can take part, where there is live music, there will be a public, and the opportunity to come together to benefi a worthy cause.

Every dollar raised can make a diffrence to someone. As a child I lived in a 9square meter room with my family in Beijing, my parent’s combine salary per month was less than 10 dollars. We had no table to eat on, my little brother looked like a cute little girl as a child be- cause he had to wear my old clothes as my parents could not affrd new ones for him. And there are so many who have much less. No help is too little, someone’s destiny could be for ever changed by the price we pay for a new pairs of shoes, or the ticket to a live concert.

Since 2006, Zhangomusiq created more than 60 concerts , benefiing NGO’s in more than 26 countries. From educational aide to providing access to water, disaster relief and animal rescue, no project is too small, every little bit can help someone, somewhere in the world. We have transformed our business and our art into a powerful source of good, and this is only the beginning…